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I go by Real-Talqk but many know me as Tanny Man. Im a young entrepreneur from Uptown Bronx, New York. I would like to thank you for visiting my website & i hope you enjoy my work & the various articles you find to strike your interest. Feel free to leave a comment, share my work or even hit me so we can chop up some ideas! Enjoy!

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  • Types of Love

    Why is love so complexed? Why are there so many wide ranged perceptions & ideas of love? Does love exist? How do I know what love is or what it feels like? Is the love I’m giving or receiving authentic? […]

  • The Spirit

    Close your mouth & without using any words or sounds, say “Spirit”. Who said that? Was it you? But with what voice? How did you even hear that voice? With what ears? Even better! What about when you’re sleeping & […]